Everyday Promises – 317

Our guide to the end

For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end. Psalm 48:14 NIV

Debbie worked twice a week some distance from the college she attended. She had to catch a bus to and from work. One evening after a weary day she accidently caught the wrong bus home. Without realising it she ended up in San Francisco, in the middle of the night. Debbie was all alone in a massive bus terminal. The bus driver was unavailable and the unsavory men hanging around made her quail with fear. She found the ladies room and there prayed earnestly that God would help her to get home. Walking back into the terminal a young man walked directly in front of her with what appeared to be a Bible under his arm. She decided to follow him, thinking he might be a student returning to her college. She followed him down several long corridors and out to a loading bay where a bus stood ready to leave. The destination of the bus was Angwin, just were she needed to go. Happily, she purchased the last ticket. The young man turned and left the bus and disappeared from sight. Only after she arrived safely home did she find out that no buses went to Angwin from San Francisco. God guided Debbie safely home. We can trust him to guide us safely to our heavenly home too.

photo by-elijah-o’donnell-pexels                 story from It Must Have Been an Angel by Marjorie Lewis Lloyd  p 12-14

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