Following The Evidence #34

In Nebuchadnezzar’s court Daniel’s God had passed the probability test and the king acknowledged the God of Hebrews. To us, 26 centuries later, the idea of attributing those things to chance doesn’t make sense. I believe that it is simply futile and dishonest to claim that this was all just a coincidence. There are 4 prophetic cycles in the book of Daniel, and you may want to explore them further in the future. Daniel 11 contains 135 specific prophecies, the last of which are on the eve of their fulfilment.

‘When we consider the ultimate questions of life, we need to be able to trust reliable sources; ones that pass the probability test. The more we explore, the more we will discover that the only source of truth that passes this test are the Old and New Testaments of Judeo-Christian origins.
How does God choose to reveal Himself in a context where there are contradictory claims about Him as there were in Babylon? Babylon means ‘confusion’ as when God confused their tongues at the Tower of Babel. Amidst the confusion of our day God has invited us to test Him. In Daniel 2, guessing the contents of the dream was impossible. Daniel’s revelation of the dream given him by God provided the king with irrefutable evidence that Daniel’s God is the true God.

Today, many religious and philosophical documents claim that their writings are inspired and authoritative, even though their statements about God contradict one another. Who shall we trust?

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream and Daniel’s portrayal of the interpretation argues for what is the only correct philosophy or understanding of history. God revealed Himself as a personal Being involved in the affairs of human beings. Unlike the wise men in Daniel’s time, who believed that gods did not dwell with flesh. This prophecy stands against the Platonic and Aristotelian view that history constitutes merely a shadow of reality. It opposes the view that God is bound by the laws of nature, or against the evolutionary view of history in which God Himself has been evolving through the natural process of history, or even against the Marxist view of class struggle materialism which is the bedrock of communism. Daniel 2 demonstrates that God is actively involved in human history, culminating in what the Bible refers to as the second coming of Jesus. It is as certain as the rise and fall of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Rome.

God interacts with us today by hearing and answering prayer. Daniel trusted God and tested Him. We, too, can trust God, because He has passed the test. He has revealed the future, and that future is a kingdom restored to His perfect ways, where we can dwell forever. Don’t you want to be part of that future. You can trust Him now. However, there is so much more evidence for me to present to you. 480

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