Following The Evidence #96

Charles Darwin said, “Often a cold shudder runs through me, and I ask myself whether I may not have devoted myself to a fantasy.” (p229 Charles Darwin, Life and Letters. Vol 2). Sight is distressing to the evolutionist because a half-evolved eye is useless. There is no way that a partially developed eye would be beneficial to an animal and it would therefore be eliminated by natural selection. We should note that mutations NEVER add any information, they always take away. But to us the eye is not a baffling mystery because we see it as the wonderful work of art by a master designer. Remember the words of Paul, “Professing themselves to be wise they become fools, because they worship and serve the creation instead of the Creator.” Romans 1:22

Enough on the eye, consider this. The world today is producing ever increasing and more efficient microchips to fit into our devices. But a common ordinary seed for a huge tree has all the plant specifications for the tree’s appearance, behavior, size, shape of the branches, leaves and their arrangement, the trunk, colours, reactions to heat, cold, rain, light, drought, seasonal adjustments, reproduction, chemical composition of cell sap, the disposition of various types of tissue, survival techniques in various environments, all the chemical processes for growth, respiration transpiration, reproduction and photosynthesis. All of these involve complicated cell chemistry. How many megabytes of data would that take on a computer? All this data fits into a seed! A seed is an incredible hard drive storage unit that can stay dormant for years without battery backup and then suddenly activate when the right conditions are present. A seed is an incredible computer, and I can’t believe that it is the product of natural selection or genetic mutation. Blind processes do not produce micro-computers of this size.

Before I did my degree in theology, and while I was working on a Science Degree with a major in biology, I had a fair hammering in the evolutionary process. I loved biology and I was impressed by the power and beauty of nature, which is God’s second book. As I listened to the lecturer’s explanations for eons upon eons of evolution as the origin of my existence, I was struck, not just by the futility of my life, but also by the reality of how little we know and that they were only talking about a theory with huge assumptions and leaps of faith. In the end it comes down to your bias as to how you interpret the evidence. It comes down to whether we put our faith in evolution or God. Much of the “evidence” for evolution, the fossil record, sedimentary layers and so on, to a creationist, becomes evidence for the universal flood talked about in Genesis.

Even when they provide impressive data to back their assumptions concerning origins, it does not prove that this scenario they are describing is in fact what transpired. It could have happened in a variety of ways and it is therefore wiser to put our trust in the one who witnessed it all, rather than those who speculate as to how it may have happened. Natural selection is an observable fact. A species will adapt to its environment and change. This is micro evolution. There is however not a shred of evidence, in the end, for one species becoming another. Adaptation and natural selection do not turn monkeys into men. Have you ever wondered why we still have monkeys if they turned into men millions of years ago? Maybe the similarities just demonstrate the same architect, who happened to have a sense of humor and so produced a parody of humanity to amuse us.

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