Paul’s Footsteps #161

Footsteps #161

When contemplating 2Corinthians we can see what made Paul tick? We see what the motives and attitudes were that moulded his life of service for Christ? This letter provides us with a compelling portrait of Paul as he really was, with all his intense, passionate longing for the glory of Christ, his sacrificial love for others, and his phenomenal discipline and courage in the face of the most severe persecution and suffering.  

Furthermore, it is a letter for Christians who care about spiritual leadership. This to me may be the most important contribution of all made by 2Corinthians. In their pathetic, anemic condition many evangelical churches are looking for solutions in all the wrong places. They are looking for dynamic young leaders, gifted communicators, visionary entrepreneurs, men with charisma, management ability, marketing savvy, and motivational skills. What 2Corinthians tells us is that the church needs shepherds, men and women who are humble, who know how to handle suffering, who know how to love God’s people, who have confidence in the Word of God, who are patient yet strong, courageous yet gentle. In conclusion, let me say that God cares about the church, it is the hope of a dying world. He has taken great care in establishing it and supplies it with unlimited resources through the Holy Spirit.  

Sadly, it is possible to be a member of the universal church but not a member of a local church. I don’t think that’s particularly healthy (and contrary to what Paul teaches about fellowship with the body of Christ). On the other hand, it is possible to be a member of a local church but not of the universal church. This is a much more common and much more serious matter.  

I am deeply disturbed by the extent to which cultural adaptation and cultural adoption are taking place. When you go to church ask yourself, “How does my church differ from a secular wealth Convention? Am I hearing anything that goes against the grain of our materialistic, narcissistic, culture? Anything that challenges sin in my life? Anything that helps my Spiritual warfare or helps me understand God’s word better?” 

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