Meditations on the Psalms #140

Day 140

Psalm 68 part 2 

From v5 on we find a series of random statements like: the ‘fatherless’ need a ‘father;’ Yahweh is there. The ‘widows’ need a ‘defender;’ God is there. He is the God who acts on behalf of those who look for protection and vindication: the fatherless, the widows, the lonely (‘friendless’), and the exiles (‘prisoners’) C.f. James1:27. God can help even those who in their poverty have been subjected to some kind of bondage or servitude(v6). 

Having introduced the idea in v1, David continued his thoughts (v7-10) on God’s presence with, and care for Israel ‘through the wilderness’ on the way to Canaan. He did not abandon them despite the many ways they provoked Him. While God was with Israel in the wilderness, they experienced the revelation of His power and glory at Mt Sinai. Mighty mountains shook at the very presence of God. 

A triumphant victory was proclaimed in vs11-14, by a great company. Even those who did not directly fight benefited. For us, God won a great victory through the Person and work of Jesus Christ and His people gain everything through that victory in a battle they did not directly fight. This is the message that we as a great company are to proclaim. 

God has favoured Zion (v15), even though Bashan (Golan heights today) was greater. Zion (Jerusalem), was God’s choice; a mere hill in comparison. He often chooses the weak to confound the strong and the foolish to mystify the wise, He chose Zion over Bashan. 

By God’s command (Deut17:16), Ancient Israel never had many chariots, because God fought for Israel (v17) and He had power greater than ‘thousands of thousands’ of chariots. They (and we) were to trust in Him. The presence of God is the strength of the church; all power is ours when God is ours. 20,000 chariots shall bear the gospel to the ends of the earth. 

Paul quoted v18 and applied it to the ascension of Jesus (Eph4:8). Through inspiration he changed one word; instead of ‘received gifts’ he wrote ‘gave gifts.’ Jesus sent the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to His church. 

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