Meditations on the Psalms #17

Day 17

Psalm 5 was arranged in a chiastic structure (Inverted parallelism.) 

a) The devoted soul v1-3 (singular) 

b)The wicked v4-6 

c) personal v7 

c) personal v8 

b) The wicked v9-10 

a) The devoted souls v11-12 (plural) 

Psalm 6: Read here –

Psalm 6 is the first of 7 penitential Psalms – songs of confession and humility before God. He makes an appeal and receives an answer. Notice Chesed in v4! We don’t know what the occasion of sin was, but because of his sin, David sensed he was under the rebuke of God. But for “how long” he called out to God? 

There may be times when we believe we are chastened by God’s hand when really, we suffer trouble brought upon ourselves. Nevertheless, there are certainly times when the LORD does chasten His children. This is not primarily a mark of His displeasure, but it is a mark of adoption. Hebrews 12:7 makes it clear that chastening is evidence of our adoption. 

Living before the finished work of Jesus, David had less certainty about his standing with God. On this side of the cross, we know that all the anger God has towards us was poured out on Jesus at the cross. God chastens the believer out of correcting love and not out of anger. 

If it is your habit to underline may I suggest vs4&5? The resurrection awaits those who are in Sheol – the place of the dead – the grave. (The word often translated as hell by older versions.) If you want to make comparisons read (or reference) Ps 115:17 and compare it with Acts 2:29 & 34 and Acts 13:36-37 which tells us David did not ascend to heaven when he died. He slept, as do all those who die in the Lord. See 1 Thess 4:15-18 e.g. 

 In his agony (note the poetic hyperbole of v6) David pleads for deliverance – but on the ground of God’s mercy, not his own righteousness. David knew that the LORD‘s chastisement was righteous, but he also knew that God is rich in mercy. 

David finishes with a confident declaration of God having accepted his prayers. Tears are often liquid prayers and God understands, hears, and answers.

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