Meditations on the Psalms #185

Psalm 93

This is a short, untitled, and bold declaration of God’s might, power, and holiness. It describes a theocracy (Government by God), as do the seven psalms that follow it. The words Yahwehmelek (‘Yahweh reigns’ or ‘Yahweh is king’) are the watchwords of these theocratic psalms.
 Psalm 93 begins decisively, suddenly, and wonderfully with the proclamation of Yahweh’s rule. This lifts the covenant God of Israel over every idol and pretender to sovereignty.

This psalm was written in all likelihood after some deliverance the Lord wrought for His people, but through the open window the singer, consciously or unconsciously, saw the far distant light of another day in which the Kingdom of God will be set up in His might, and the song of an established order shall be the anthem of His praise.   God’s eternal authority extends to His very being, ‘from everlasting.’ He is eternal in a sense none other is; His life is without a beginning and without an ending. In these and other ways, God stands majestically above and beyond His creation.

Every verse, except the last, reverberates with doubled or trebled parallelisms, each line repeating and building on another.
The pounding of the ocean waves (v3) resonates deep within the human soul as we walk the ocean’s shores. But Christians know the one who made the waves. We have a relationship with the one who first strung Hydrogen with Oxygen together to make H2O. Two flammable gases that, joined together, fight fires. How magic is that? We don’t honour the ocean; we exalt with the poet the creator of the ocean. We don’t just meditate on the gentle or pounding drumbeat of the waves on the shore; we commune with the heart of the drummer. We worship the Lord, the eternal King, who is our Lord and closest friend.

As in other psalms, ‘testimonies’ are a poetic reference to God’s word. In v5 the psalmist understood that the might, sovereignty, and strength of God was powerfully expressed in and through His word. Just as His throne was fixed forever, so His truth is without question. Other teachings are uncertain, but the revelations of heaven are infallible.

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