Meditations on the Psalms #186

Psalm 94 Part 1

If you were in jail but had the best lawyer in the world, a trial date would be good news! Judgment would bring vindication: a declaration of your innocence. Now you & I know we are not innocent, but forgiven and under the blood of Christ. With Him as our high priest (Lawyer in the courtroom of heaven, Heb7:26) there is “therefore no condemnation.” (Rom8:1). We are completely vindicated – justified by faith in Christ! The vindication of God however is another thing. Satan is a liar and the father of lies (John8:44.) God is innocent, and He “will have His day in court” (Rom3:4NLT). In the great controversy that sin and rebellion are, God has in effect put Himself on trial before the universe. Today, “The hour of His judgment has come” (Revelation14:7) and ultimately the universe will declare God’s vindication in the sin issue (see e.g.Rev15:3-4.)

At first glance Ps94 seems very heavy – all this talk about punishment from God! It begins with the simple and profound recognition that vengeance belongs to God. He sees and judges righteously among mankind and will bring vengeance as appropriate.  In the end, vengeance upon sin and sinners is part of God’s own glory – His ‘shining forth.’ This is a prayer for justice in a world of anarchy. Vengeance here means justice and he wants God to, ‘Rise up and judge the earth,” and render punishment.

Through the centuries, when it seemed that evil had gained the victory, God’s persecuted people have prayed the ‘how long’ prayer: How often have you & I looked around this world of suffering and legalised sin and prayed the same prayer? It is a proper thing as we pity those who are suffering, to pray for the execution of justice, (Like the souls under the altar in Rev6:9-10.) In due time God will have His reply! There is no room for the crippling suspicion that God, perhaps, is blind (v7) or has done a deal with darkness (v20). Nothing has changed the Sun or corrupted the Judge: it is simply that the night is long. Beloved of God, He knows your night is long!

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