Meditations on the Psalms #212

Psalm 104 Part 1 

This psalm was written by the Wordsworth of the Old Testament. It is an Ode to creation. (C.F.Job 37-41). Analysing this poem is like trying to analyse a sunset!  This is a companion psalm to Psalm 103, attributed in some manuscripts to David.  The first line of the two psalms is exactly the same in Hebrew. However, Psalm 103 praises Yahweh for his redemptive work, and Psalm 104 praises him for his creative work. As a trilogy, this psalm can also be linked to Ps102. From the moping owl on a rooftop (102) to the crescendo of praise for God’s lovingkindness (103) to the wonder of creation (104). This covers the spectrum of our Christian experience that undulates through a range of emotions. This is all part of a relationship where we can talk to God wherever we are. 

Psalm 104 treats of the kingdom of nature, 103 of the realms of history. In 104 God’s greatness is prominent, in 103 His grace. In 104 God’s power is prominent, in 103 His divine lovingkindness. In 104 we have the world without, in 103 the word within. Thus, God has supplied all our needs: grace/lovingkindness, food, water, light, and warmth. We live in houses made with God’s trees; we wear clothes made with God’s products. We eat food and water from God’s earth. We are saved by His grace. God is the giver and the sustainer of life! 

The psalm is based on the creation story as follows: c.f. vs1-4 with Gen 1:3-8 (The 1st and 2nd days). Vs5-9 with Gen 1:9,10 (1st ½ of the 3rd day). Vs10-18 with Gen 1:11-13 (day 3). Vs19-30 with Gen 1:14-31 (4th &- 6th days). Vs31-35 with Gen 2:1-3 the 7th day of perfect rest.   
This Psalm gives an elucidation to the many voices of nature and sings sweetly both of creation and providence. The amazing poem contains a complete cosmos: sea and land, cloud and sunlight, plant and animal, light and darkness, life and death, which are all proved to be expressive of the presence of the Lord. We are reminded that His love is as great as His power.  

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