Meditations on the Psalms #276

Psalm 119 Part 8 V53

God’s word makes him sing with joy and confidence. Those who know the power of singing God’s word have great comfort ‘in the house of their pilgrimage.’ Even as Paul and Silas could sing in the midst of suffering (Acts 16:25), so could the psalmist. Even as a pilgrim, not yet home and afflicted, he could sing to his God. A pilgrim is a person who is travelling through one country to another. We are hurrying through this world as though in a foreign land. We are in this country, not as residents, but only as visitors, who take this country on route to glorification. 
V57 are the words of a satisfied soul. To possess God is truly to have everything!

It is vital for every person to consider their ways (v59), to understand that our ways will lead us to destruction, and then make an about-face and determine to go in God’s ways instead. How many, on the other hand, seem to pass through the world into eternity without serious thought on their ways! Multitudes live for the world – forget God and die! This is their history. I once determined that I would not live and die and never know why, that I was not going to go out of this world not knowing why I came into it!

 Once on the right path (with the feet having been turned), the psalmist can now speed his way in the course of obedience. It is dangerous to make haste on the wrong path; it is glorious to make haste on the right way. The following verses speak of God’s faithfulness in adversity. Note the gratitude in v65 and the lessons learned the hard way in v67-68. Remember the Bible says of Jesus, ‘Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered’ (Heb5:8). “I never” – said Luther – “knew the meaning of God’s word, until I came into affliction. I have always found it one of my best schoolmasters.” The worst affliction of all is a wasted affliction, wasted because we did not turn to God and gained nothing from it. 

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