Meditations on the Psalms #300

Psalm 132: Part 1 

Vs8-10 are quoted in Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the temple (2Chron6:41-42) which may suggest him as the author. The psalm is alluded to twice in the NT, once by Stephen in Acts7:46 (v5) and Peter alludes to v11 in Acts2:30  

The singer began by remembering David, the great king of Israel – and all the afflictions he endured. Apart from the Messiah (who is given the title Son of David), David the son of Jesse is acknowledged as Israel’s greatest king. Yet he had to endure a remarkable number of afflictions many of which we have meditated on in psalms we have covered. All the following were true of David: despised and criticized by his family, placed in many life-and-death struggles. Accused of treason and treachery. He was attacked by the connected, powerful, and ruthless. He lived many years as a fugitive, a wanted man, without family, home, or friends. He was accepted as the king only reluctantly and faced many enemies in battle through many wars. He was openly criticized and despised by his wife. And also suffered because of his own sin and scandal. He endured great conflict and problems among his own children including a coup staged by his son, followed by civil war. He was openly despised and criticized by some of his subjects.  

The psalmist asked God to look upon and remember both David himself and all his afflictions. He prayed, “Lord, consider the man and consider his troubles. Let none of them be forgotten or wasted.” The afflictions of David always suggest the afflictions of his Greater Son of whom he was a type: The individual Christian can take comfort that God does remember all the afflictions we endured for His glory.  
The parallel passage for this psalm is 2Sam7. David had built his palace and felt guilty that God’s dwelling place was still a tent. However, through Nathan the prophet, he was told his son Solomon would build the temple. David spent the rest of his life gathering the resources for Solomon to use. David also recovered the Ark of the Covenant that was forgotten in Saul’s reign. TBC   

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