Meditations on the Psalms #302

Psalm 132 Part 3 

This psalm speaks of David’s desire to build the temple of God. But he never witnessed the fulfillment of his dream and his family was a disaster. Does this make David a failure? Didn’t the lord call him “a man after His own heart”? God wants you to have dreams and goals and ambitions, but don’t analyse your progress at every bend of the road. How God measures you and how you measure yourself may be two different things. The opening word should remind us that He remembers us individually. He remembers our afflictions, troubles, and humblings. He remembers what we purpose in our hearts for His honour. The Lord, who is asked to remember, is the almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing Covenant God. 

This psalm is telling us that the hope of Israel rests on the promise of God. The three images of vs17-18: horn, lamp, and crown, have evident implications of strength, clarity, and royal dignity. But note that the word used for crown – literally ‘a gleaming crown,’ was the same word as the high priest’s mitre. Therefore, the kingdom to come would be a glorious one characterized not by power alone, but by holiness. This king is our glorious Priest/King.  

V17 also declares that God’s anointed one (Messiah) will be a light to the world – literally, “a glowing lamp.” The same symbol is used elsewhere for King David (2Sam21:17) and for Jesus (Luke 2:32;2Cor4:6). Light is closely associated with deity throughout scripture. Divine manifestations in the OT are usually associated with inexpressible glory and light. God is described as everlasting light (Isa60:19) or dwelling in unapproachable light (1Tim6:16). 

In the manifestations of God to His people, light has ever been a symbol of His presence, light shone from the darkness at creation, there was a pillar of fire by night in the wilderness, lightening at Mt Sinai, the Shekinah Glory filled Solomon’s temple at its dedication. On the hills about Bethlehem light glowed in the darkness. Jesus went to the Feast of Tabernacles (easily proven to be His birthday) stood under the candelabra in the courtyard and declared “I am the Light of the world!” (John8:12&9:5)   

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