Meditations on the Psalms #321

Psalm 141 Part 2

David new the heart was the key (v4). These words sound very much like what Jesus taught His disciples in the ‘Lord’s Prayer, “do not lead us into temptation” Matt6:13. The way the heart inclines is the way the life moves. If the fountain of life is not pure then the streams of life will be polluted. The ‘delicacies’ of the unsaved are their luxuries, material benefits, advantages, and their influences. From these temptations, we must be preserved. 

How strange are the words of v5, but their principle is profound, flattery is cruel, but being smitten by the righteous in kindness (chesed). A person who, in love, can show you your faults is a sincere friend – receive it as a message from your father in heaven. (Easy to say!) 
David deliberately set his eyes upon the Lord (v8) because he knew that without God’s protection he was at the mercy of His enemies. This is the only way the anchor can hold in the storm. The storm can be the onslaught of enemies or it can be the insidious temptation to turn aside from the path and escape the opposition. 

The enemies of David were determined to destroy him, and so they set many traps, for him(v9). David’s prayer was that they would fall into their own nets (v10), even as he would escape safely. David’s trust in God was repeatedly vindicated as those who sought to destroy him were themselves destroyed.

The last line has a buoyancy worthy of the man who has slipped through many a net with the help of God. This prayer was answered. From the sequel of the history, we find that the hope and assurance here expressed by the Psalmist were not vain. He escaped all the snares that were laid for him on every side.

The world around us is often a sorry mess, sometimes a fearsome place. The way for God’s people is not around difficulty, but through it. Our feet are kept from the snares and pitfalls upon the ground when our eyes are lifted to the guide. True prayer is putting yourself under God’s influence. C.f.Phil.4:6-7 

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