Meditations on the Psalms #345

Psalm 150 Part 1 

We have come to the end of our meditations. Have you noticed how our lives resemble the psalter with its varying moods; its light and shadows, its sobs and smiles, its trials and tragedies, its battles and victories? I pray for you (and myself) that it will end with hallelujahs as we worship together “on that day” when the curtain is drawn on sin and rebellion. We will stand in the choir of the redeemed; those who have made their way through the wilderness of life and now stand on the “crystal sea” (Rev.4:6). We will sing with the multitude of heaven the praises of the Lamb who was slain, and to Him who sits on the throne with Him (Rev.5:12-14). Psalms have taught us to worship. That final day will come if you will keep true to the will, way, and work of the Most Holy.  

Each of the five divisions of the Book of Psalms closes with a doxology (Psalms.41,72,89, and106). This entire psalm can be seen as a doxology that not only closes the fifth and final volume of the collected psalms but also closes the entire psalter. It contains no argument, no real teaching, no real explanation. It is an eloquent, passionate cry to all creation to give Yahweh the praise due to Him.  
It is more than an artistic close of the collection: it is a prophecy of the last result of the devout life, and, in its unclouded sunniness, as well as in its universality, it proclaims the certain end of the weary years for the individual and for the world. 

There will be several options for you if you want to continue a daily devotional in 2022 by SMS or Email. ‘Walking In The Footsteps of Paul’ is still running and will continue probably until March. You are welcome to join the journey. Reflections on Revelation will be revised and re-run from January. This is a verse by verse reflection on the book of Revelation. Psalms will also be re-run. The New one starting in January is called “Evidence.” It is a faith builder on how we know God exists, why we can trust His word, and how we can know that Jesus was who He claimed to be and evidence that He rose from the dead. It will end with evidence for the second coming. 

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