Meditations on the Psalms #64

Day 64

Selah prt 4  

Read Peter’s Pentecostal sermon where he talks about David (and quotes Psalm 16) in Acts2:25-34. What are those qualities recognized by God, but unseen by the world? David’s faith, trust, courage, and strength of character as a young boy prepared him to be King of Israel. The Scriptures call us to see people more as God sees them, rather than judging according to what the world sees as important.
As the story unfolds in 2Samuel 9 we see the tender, gentle and compassionate side of this godly warrior-king. These qualities are a reflection of the King of Kings – Jesus. David was kind (v3).  (A fruit of the spirit Gal 5:22).   

David was a covenant keeper to Jonathan, (v7) just like Jesus keeps all of His promises to us. The Bible is filled with God’s unfailing promises to us.  We can trust Jesus because he is a covenant-keeping God. When Mephibosheth arrived before David’s throne, he was scared. He knew that David had the power to put him to death, but David removed all of his fears.  He not only gave him life but he promised to restore the land of Saul to him and let him eat at the king’s table forever! (v11).  We are the crippled man in this story, and Jesus has not only restored us from judgment but he has invited us to eat at his table – as part of the family of God – forever! We too must generously show grace to others. People are hurting. They are spiritually crippled and alone with no hope and no abundant life.  They may be afraid to go to God because they fear judgment.  But God can restore people beyond our imagination.   

David was an imperfect man. As we read on in 2 Samuel, we will see him fall into sin. We too are imperfect and fall into sin on a regular basis. But King Jesus was perfect!  He is the one we follow. May we become more and more kind, loving, and compassionate like Jesus. Seek after God. Don’t expect to be recognized. Leave behind grateful people whom you will meet again in heaven. 

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