Minute Meditations of Hope and Encouragement #18

Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit – a gift from God. It is not happiness. Happiness is a fluctuating emotion, like the weather, changeable. Joy is the strength we have amidst the trials of life. It is confidence in the dream of final outcomes – for those we pray for, or the reunion with those we have lost. This is the blessed hope. Amidst the shadows we can celebrate God’s amazing work with laughter and singing because we have been set free from the captivity of sin and death (The historical context of Psalm 126). Should not our lives be filled with joy and should not those who watch on see our confident joy in the work and mercy of God.

That is how it is! The gospel is nothing else but joy and laughter. It is “good tidings of great joy.” The Lord has done, is doing, and will continue to do great things for us – and not merely great things, but amazing things. Imagine the reunion at the resurrection of loved ones you have lost. Will that be an amazing thing! 

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