Reflections on Revelation #143

Day 143

At this point we need to remind ourselves on how dependent the book of Rev is on, not only all the major OT stories, but also the Sanctuary and the Jewish Calendar. Both are overlayed over the entire book. Every major section begins with a sanctuary scene.

The diagram included (found in my PPT on slide share “The Sanctuary in Revelation.”) shows how the Jewish calendar can be applied to the entire Christian age and then is superimposed over the book of Revelation. Revelation follows the order of the calendar beginning with the Passover and the slain lamb. In this meal of mutual fellowship there is a concentration on Christ’s death and resurrection (1:5,17-18; 3: 20-21).

Pentecost, which originally was when the Inauguration of sanctuary occured, is referred to in Rev 5:6 where the Spirit goes out to world. The 1st Pentecost was at Sinai (Exod 19).

The feast of trumpets was a warning of the impending judgment (The Day of Atonement). There were Seven new moons leading up to feast. This was the most important day in the Jewish Calendar. and is referred to in Rev 11ff where we see: the  Sanctuary, the ark containing the commandments, the judgment and the Grape Harvest.

The feast of tabernacles (Rev 21-22) follows the Day of Atonement. The Harvest is over (Rev 14) God’s Tabernacle is with us (21:3). There is Feasting, palm branches, music, rejoicing, hallelujahs (cf.  Rev 7: 19)  Jesus went to the Feast of Tabernacles in John 7 & 8 and there He took all the symbolism of the day to himself (Water and light etc ) . It can be shown quite easily from scripture that Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles, when the “word became flesh and tabernacle (dwelt) amongst us.” The same word that is used in Rev 21:3, when God will again tabernacle (dwell) with His people.

These are the shadow Sabbaths refered to by Paul, because they were all fulfilled in Christ. They were shadows of the plan of salvation. Jesus fulfilled all the typology of these 7 ceremonial Sabbaths.

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