Day 10 - No more soul-isolation

There is a loneliness epidemic in our modern age.


The pandemic has made it worse but it was already pretty bad. That’s because loneliness isn’t just about being physically far from people. It’s about being emotionally far.


This is why it’s possible to be in a room full of people and still be alone.


The experience of loneliness is less about not having enough friends to hang out with and more about not being understood.


In fact, few things can be as isolating as the feeling that no one gets you.


This is why, as bad as social isolation is… nothing tops the agony of soul-isolation.


This makes something Jesus said super interesting. It’s in the book of Mark chapter 6. Here, Jesus is talking about the difficulties and struggles that we face in life. And then he adds this: “Your Father knows…”


You might be a spiritual person. You might not. Either way, hone in on this. It will be worth it.


Jesus is saying that there is a creator who cares for the cosmos with such intimacy that the best metaphor through which we can perceive him is through the idea of “father” – and that this father knows you.


But here is something even wilder.


In the Bible the idea of “knowing” isn’t based on information. It’s based on intimacy. It’s based on understanding the other, on seeing them in their vulnerability.


Meaning that to be known by the father is to be noticed. To be seen.

Jesus’ words are worth chewing on, because if they are true then what he means is that even in the age of social isolation, our souls are never alone.

Even when no one gets you, there is a father who does.


You are noticed. And you are seen.

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