Day 2 - Let’s Go Dancing!

One of the most fascinating mysteries of our humanity is the symphonic relationship between our mind and our body. These two are really one, and they are locked in a rhythmic dance together. 


Well… they are supposed to be.


Nowadays, it’s more common for the dance to be a bit awkward and out of tempo. We live disconnected lives in the modern world.


Disconnected from the earth.


Disconnected from community.


Disconnected from ourselves. 


In the midst of all our hustle, we have forgotten that we are holistic beings. What we do to our minds impacts our bodies, and what we do to our bodies impacts our minds. 


That brings us to today’s challenge – to ponder, for at least a few minutes, what steps we can take to get the dance between our minds and bodies back in tempo.


Maybe it means choosing a cleaner lifestyle, being more active, watching the sun set more often, hustling a little less, or taking more naps! (Naps are great.) 


Whatever it looks like for you, the challenge today is to A) embrace the mystery of the mind-body connection and B) begin making small, healthy shifts that bring these two dancers back into rhythm with one another.

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