Whispering Eternity #8

Day 8.

Whispering Eternity #8 I determined on the hills behind Massey University that I would not live and die and never know why. That I would not go out of this world not knowing why I came into it. I was going to spend my life searching for the answers to life. And so my quest had already begun, my heart set out for distant shores that were but a whisper interposed in the chatter of others. My vessel knew not the way but was drawn by the soul’s riddle of my inmost thoughts.

I searched all philosophies and religions, even spiritualism. I became a drifter – I set out on a world trip. I was going to trek across the world and sit with the Buddhist monks in the Himalayas and then through India and Asia, I would never relinquish my quest for meaning. I was going to investigate every religion I could lay my hands on and take a piece from each one and see if I could put it together and come up with the meaning of life. I saw all religions as just on different roads but all going the same way in the end.

I guess at this stage I would like to say that of all the world religions, at that time I found Buddhism the most beautiful because it was the gentlest and peaceful religion. Even know I must acknowledge that it is basically Christian in all that it espouses and many devout Buddhists live better “Christian” lives than many Christians. But nonetheless it is a tragic counterfeit of the truth.

The search for peace and enlightenment is only an illusion, with no assurance that it is attainable or that eternal life or reincarnation is even true. There is no proof for any thing except the warm fuzzy feelings that meditation can bring. Yet what is taught is beautiful, idealistic and even basically “Christian” and one does get the feeling of an imaginary “peace”. But the missing piece is the assurance that it is so.

After many miles and many philosophers and philosophies I discovered that of all the tombs of all the philosophers that had ever lived there is only one that is empty! God found me struggling on a side road and said “come this way” He showed me the evidence that gives Christianity a provable foundation upon which to base our faith.

The water of my life was about to be turned into wine.

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