Everyday Promises – 152


All the ways of the Lord are loving and faithful toward those who keep the demands of his covenant. Psalm 25:10 NIV

Our world is full of work, business and social agreements. For example, in regards to a bank loan, the lender signs the contract that they will give you a certain amount of money, at a given interest rate, for a specified time. The borrower on the other hand signs the document to promise that they will pay the loan consistently, at the terms offered. Both parties are protected by the agreement. So it is with God. He wants to make an agreement with us. God has promised us forgiveness, and eternal life. In return we agree to live within his will and love him. Yet this covenant is astounding because God offers to help us to keep our side of the agreement. He promises to dwell in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, assisting us to live a connected and joyous life. He has given us over 3000 promises to claim his care, protection, provision and help. He longs to make a covenant with you, so he can lavish his love on you, for you are his precious child.


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