Everyday Promises – 154


A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. Psalm 68:5 NIV

I never experienced life with a loving human father, so I was pretty much on my own as a teenager. I had to go on trains and buses late into the night if I wanted to go to our church teen events. One evening my good friend and I had to go home from the city very late. We rushed to the station after the event and clambered into a carriage just as the last train was leaving. A few stations out of the city an old man got in near us. As we travelled he gradually moved closer to us. We were starting to fear his designs. Finally he sat down directly across from us and started unzipping his pants. By this time we were terrified and as the train slowed down for the next stop we both sprang up and dashed out the door onto the platform. I guess the old guy was caught with his pants down because he did not follow us. God was looking after us that night because, to our surprise, we found there was one more train going to our station and we got home safely. From those early years I found that God really is a loving father and he cares about everything that troubles our lives. We can depend on him to be our defender and helper throughout life.



photo by pexels-pixabay

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