Everyday Promises – 253

The Lord's purpose prevails

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21 NIV

Robbie Berghan, the presenter of The Faith Experiment, on Faith FM relates how he came from atheism to a belief in God. As a year 9 student he planned out his life. License and car by 18, making fabulous money by 20, owning a home at 21, married by 25 and retired by 35. He was living the high life by 20, as a highly paid computer programmer, with only the last two goals to achieve. Yet he could not shake the emptiness in his life. Then three events shook his world to the foundations. A dark supernatural figure, only seen in a night club’s bathroom mirror, whispered “You can run but you can’t hide – you are mine.”  A violent electrical lightning show, that transfixed Robbie. As he watched thoughts came uninvited- “If there is an end to this world it will start like this. And if this is the end, you are lost!” All the terrible things Robbie had ever done flashed before him in seconds, like a cinema reel. Finally, two weeks later, 9/11 occurred. Everyone in his office was riveted to their computer, watching the disaster. An avid atheist mate joked that Nostradamus had predicted 9/11. Could events really be predicted? Robbie was challenged by the idea and set out to solve the problem. He ‘googled’ and found prophecies from the book of Daniel. He felt that some unseen force was guiding him on a journey. That journey led him to know God. Your life is in God’s hands too, are you ready for a journey with him?

photo by pexels-pixabay

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