Everyday Promises – 286

God is our helper

Our help is in the name of the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 124:8 NIV

Eun Hye grew up in North Korea. Like millions of others her family struggled to survive. Her mother and sisters escaped to China. Due to a lack of food Eun left her father and brother and went to live on the streets. She was arrested and put in a filthy, over-crowded, disease-ridden camp for street children. She began to pray to the invisible God of her grandmother. A voice directed her to join some of the children who were harvesting chestnuts in the mountains. She escaped across a reservoir, found her family, and fled to China. Soon Chinese authorities arrested the family and sent them back to North Korea. There they were imprisoned, beaten and interrogated. They prayed earnestly and one day the whole family were released without explanation. Again, they escaped to China. Eun Hye married and being pregnant saved her from deportation once again. She prayed for a baby girl. When she gave birth to a girl, her husband allowed her to go to South Korea and live in safety. No matter what hardships we face God has promised to be our help. Pray earnestly, for he will certainly come to your aid.

photo by anthony-beck-pexels            story from www.opendoorsusa.org- Only God decides if I will live or die – Oct 21, 2019 by Robert Kenna in Asia

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