Everyday Promises – 356

God is our stronghold

The salvation of the righteous comes from the Lord; he is their stronghold in time of trouble. Psalm 37:39 NIV
A protestant reformer by the name of Johannes Brenz was hiding out in the home of Duke Ulric of Stuttgart. Unfortunately, the emperor learned his whereabouts and told a colonel to capture him, dead or alive. When Brenz learned he had been betrayed he fell on his knees and asked God to direct him. He seemed to hear a voice saying, “Take a loaf of bread and go through the upper part of the city until you find an open door. Go in and hide in the roof.” So, Brenz followed the instructions – he came to the landhouse and the door was open, so he slipped in and hid behind a pile of wood in the roof. The Colonel soon arrived and began a thorough search of the whole town. His soldiers even thrust their spears through the wood pile where Brenz was hiding. The Colonel had failed to find the fugitive and went home. Along with the bread he had carried, God had sent a hen to lay an egg in the roof every day while he was there. Is anything too hard for God? He is a stronghold for all who call upon his name. 

photo by-souvik-pradhan-pexels           Story from It Must Have Been an Angel by Marjorie Lewis Lloyd p 45,46

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