Everyday Promises – 70


…and call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me. Psalm 50:15 NIV

There is a wonderful story from the book Far Above Rubies, by Alexander Marshall of a Count who tried to harm his Prussian Ruler, Fredrick William III. He was caught and sentenced to solitary confinement in Glatz Castle for treason. He was a proud and ruthless fellow, who cared not for man or beast. Night and day he paced his confines until it nearly drove him insane. The only book in the room was a Bible but as a determined atheist he refused to open its pages. One evening a year into his sentence, a storm raged both outside the castle and in his heart. How could he bear the solitude one more day? Driven by desperation he picked up the Bible and read for long hours. Finally in that wind swept tower he gave his heart to God. Far away in the palace Fredrick Willian III was ill and could find no rest. He too prayed that night asking God for just one hour of sleep. God heard his prayer. When he awoke he was so grateful that he asked his wife Louise who was most in need of forgiveness in his kingdom. “The prisoner of Glatz,” was the reply. “Let him be pardoned”, said the king. So that very night a courier was sent to Glatz castle with the pardon. When we call on the Lord he can and will deliver us in our times of trouble.    

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