Following The Evidence #20

The atheist who merely repeats this slogan” There is no evidence for God’s existence, therefore I will not believe” after having been presented with arguments for God’s existence we will see this to be an empty assertion. The other favourite slogan is “If God is good, why is there so much bad in the world? If He is all powerful, why does he not end suffering?” This will be taken up in detail when we discuss, why did God create a devil?

So what reasons might be given in defence of Christian theism (belief in God)?  Over the course of the next few months, I will place many reasons on the table for believing in an all-powerful creator. I am heavily indebted to the work of Dr William Lane Craig and Josh McDowell for the insights presented over the next week.

Over the next few days, I will give you a basic outline of the reasons that we can put up for a belief in the existence of God. Over the next few months, I will expand on each of these points.

Modern science believes that the universe is not eternal in the past but had a beginning a finite time ago. (about 14 billion years ago in the big bang.) That means all matter, energy, space and time came into being at the moment of the big bang. Given the scientific evidence we have about our universe and its origins, and bolstered by arguments presented by philosophers for centuries, it is highly probable that the universe had an absolute beginning.  Since the universe, like everything else, could not have merely popped into being without a cause, there must exist a transcendent reality beyond time and space that brought the universe into existence.  This entity must therefore be enormously powerful. 
Atheists, by faith, must believe that the universe created itself out of nothing! Wow, that’s magic! If a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat, at least we have the magician (and the hat,) but according to atheism the universe just popped out of the invisible hat, with no magician, completely uncaused from absolutely nothing. That is surely absurd! It is much more rational to say that a transcendent cause of the universe which brought it into existence was God.

Everything that exists has an explanation of why it exists: Mountains, people, trees, chairs and galaxies. Even numbers, sets and other mathematical objects have an explanation. It is impossible for them not to exist. Everything that exists has an explanation. The universe itself must have an external explanation. This cause would have to be something that is beyond the universe and therefore beyond space, beyond time, beyond matter and energy; a non-physical, immaterial spiritual entity which has brought the universe into being. The only thing that we know that could fit that kind of description would be an all-powerful, all-knowing consciousness, that brought space, time, and all of its contents into existence.

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