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Footsteps finale is close, what is coming next – there are two options. Please share the link. You can read about them here: 

Walking in The footsteps of Paul will finish on March 9 This will be followed by a much shorter series called “Following the Evidence.” This is designed for sharing.  


This series has three purposes – to build the faith of believers, to appeal to agnostics, and to engage atheists. It is therefore something you can share or forward to your friends and family.    

Is there a God? How can we know? If there is a God, does He care? Then there is the age-old question, ‘if God created everything then who or what created God?’   

If we are going to follow the evidence, it will take time. I can’t snap my fingers and say here is the proof for God, because the answer is a process; it is following clues. In the end, the evidence will overwhelm you.  The three minutes of time it will take you each day could reap infinite results, so ask yourself if it is worth the effort.    

This SMS series will explore the evidence for God and the reliability of His word. We will investigate archaeology and prophecies that confirm the book as Divine. We will ask questions like; “Why did God create a devil?” We will look at the evidence for creation and the flood. Most importantly we will discover that you can prove that Jesus was who He claimed to be and that His resurrection is a provable fact. We will conclude by looking at the evidence for the Second coming.   


‘Walking in the Footsteps of Paul’ will naturally flow into “Following the Evidence”, coming each morning about 6 am unless you request your name to be removed.     

An evening option that I have written is “My Search for meaning; The Whispering of Eternity.” It is my personal testimony and journey through Eastern Religions. You will need to request this. It will come about 7 pm.   

Thank you for walking in the Footsteps of Paul with me, I greatly enjoyed developing this series and look forward to sharing the ‘Evidence’ with you.   

Option 2: A Short SMS devotional series, “My Search for Meaning – a private and autobiographical journey from meaninglessness, through romance and eastern religions, to absolute confidence in the life to come. Respond to this message or watch the short explanation on Facebook here:  

You can register by sending your ph. number to 0474591841.The series will start in a few days. Regards – Ross Chadwick. 

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