Paul’s Footsteps #125

Footsteps #125

We are all, in some sense, “stewards of the mysteries of God” (1Cor.4:1) and ” We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to human beings.” (1Cor.4:9NIV).  Paul reminds us that we need to support financially God’s work, be flexible in mission strategy and commit to spiritual excellence. He warned them to refrain from immoral practices and legal proceedings against fellow church members. He also challenged them to regain their Christian identity as the washed, the sanctified, and the justified. Last of all, as we saw yesterday, Paul still extends the challenge “Run to win!”   In the Christian “race”, we don’t have to come in first, we just have to stay in it until the finish. Last place will still make you a winner.

There are many things in 1Corinthians1-10 upon which I could comment, but space does not allow a full commentary. However, I encourage you to read his counsel and perhaps ask questions. The apostle’s words of warning and counsel to the Corinthian church are applicable to all time and the principles must be adapted to our day. Idolatry has not disappeared, just morphed. Dissension still plagues churches. A mere profession of faith in Christ, or a boastful knowledge of truth, does not make a person a Christian.

Chapter 10 has some warnings from history with some admonition that we are also in the wilderness, as Israel was, and that we too can fall away as they did (Read 1Cor10:1-13). Notice the statement on Jesus divinity in v4.

That the Christian believers at Corinth were experiencing considerable difficulty with the Lord’s Supper brings us comfort.  Compared to the gluttonous neglect of church members displayed in the pages of 1Corinthians11:17-34, our own lack of appreciation may seem a minor fault.  However, Paul invites us, along with those erring believers, into the Upper Room to watch the Lord at the Last Supper.  If we watch and listen carefully, we shall never be the same. Thus, some reflection of what Paul says about celebration of the Lord’s supper may be of some spiritual benefit to us all and so that is where we will go tomorrow.

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