Pauls Footsteps #257

 In Rom.3:13-14 Paul continues to string pearls from the psalms, He quotes from Psalms 5:9; 140:3; and 10:7. All three passages have to do with our mouths. Jesus pointed out repeatedly that people’s characters will inevitably manifest themselves in their conversation. (E.g.Matt.12:34 and 15:18.). James implies that there is nothing more difficult to control than our tongues (James 1:8). Peter knew that. So do I. 

But he is not finished! In vs15-17 paraphrasing Ps.14, he strings another line of pearls with what is called the doctrine of total depravity. Paul systematically lists the various parts of the human body. Sinners’ throats are as open graves, their tongues practice deceit, their lips spread snakelike poison, their mouths utter bitter curses, and their feet don’t merely pursue violence, but are swift to do so. V18 deals with eyes. 

Sin affects every part of our humanity. Not only the physical organs listed here, but our minds, our emotions, our sexuality, our appetites, our conscience, and our will. The tragedy of the sin problem is that the bodily organs listed were originally created to be a blessing to those around us. God gave them to us that we might glorify Him and bless our fellow humans. Yet we use them to harm people and rebel against Him. Such is the biblical teaching of total depravity. 

To be totally depraved you don’t have to be a Hitler, or as wicked as can be – like some of the evil we see in the media. On the contrary, Paul is telling us that sin affects every part of our life, every part of our body and mind. It affects us totally in all of our aspects. 

That is why God wants to redeem us in our totality. He didn’t come just to save our souls, but to heal and renew our minds, transform our attitudes, and eventually resurrect our bodies. Just as sin affects us totally, so does salvation. 

That salvation begins here on earth. He wants us to dedicate our lips, mouths, feet, and eyes to Him today, so that we can be a blessing to others and find the peace that He desires that we have.

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