Meditations on the Psalms #132

Day 132

Psalm 62 part 2 

This psalm speaks much of trusting in God alone. Now in v9-10, David explained why it was important to not set trust in man. David understood that whether they are men of ‘low degree’ or ‘high degree,’ they are ‘altogether lighter than vapor.’ There is no substance there worthy of trust. ‘Rich men are a lie.’ They promise much, but perform nothing; they cause you to hope but mock your expectation. 

The point, then, is not so much that we have nothing to fear from man (as in Psalm 27:1ff.), as that we have nothing to hope from him. Trusting in people will often lead to disappointment. People will let you down. 

His comment about wealth in v10 is significant. It’s possible to hold great wealth without trusting in those riches, but it isn’t easy. David had been poor (as a fugitive) but had become one of the wealthiest men of his day. Riches are themselves transient things; therefore, they should have but our transient thoughts. 1 Timothy 6:17ff. may be alluding to this verse in its own careful treatment of the subject. 

Lovingkindness translates one of the great words of the OT, Chesed. David knew ‘power belongs to God,’ but that God is a God of love who is loyal and good to His people. It is closely linked with covenant-keeping, hence the RSV translation as steadfast love. This tender attribute sweetens the grand thought of his power: the divine strength will not crush us, but will be used for our good. God is so full of lovingkindness and tender mercy (KJV) that it belongs to him as if all the lovingkindness in the universe came from God, and still was claimed by him as his possession. God is love! 

The main thing in a life of faith is to focus not on our performance but on our relationship with Him. The relationship that romantic love affords is the closest thing on earth to an example of how God loves us and wants to relate to us. By loving us God has made himself vulnerable to our unfaithfulness. But his covenant, ‘chesed’ love is unfailing towards us. 

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