Meditations on the Psalms #143

Day 143

Psalm 69 part 2

In many of the psalms, David proclaimed his innocence compared to his adversaries. In Psalm 69 David confessed his sin and failings, appealing to God’s mercy. 

While these words were testified by David, we may spiritually apply the phrase, ‘My sins are not hidden from You’ to Jesus, noting the public nature of His humiliation on the cross. Nailed to the cross before a mocking public, Jesus accomplished His great work on the cross with nothing ‘hidden.’ He had no sins of His own to bear, but He was bearing our sins as our substitute. In so doing He was not hidden from either God or man. 

The phrase, ‘Lord God of Hosts,’ (v6) includes three designations for God. He is the Lord of the universe [Adonai], the Lord of the covenant [Yahweh], and the Divine Warrior of hosts, [saboath]. 

The messianic fulfilment of v8 is documented in John 1:10 & 11 and John 7:5. When Jesus drove the moneychangers out of the temple courts at the beginning of His ministry, His disciples remembered this very passage from v9 (John 2:17). 

David was happy to identify himself with God, counting it an honour to bear the disapproval of those who disapproved of Yahweh. The Apostle Paul referenced v9 in speaking of the sacrificial nature of Jesus in Romans 15:3: “For even Christ did not please Himself; but as it is written, “The reproaches of those who reproached You fell on Me.” 

David felt he had become the target of scorn and disapproval from almost everyone, from the leaders of the city to the city drunks. (v12)  Jesus was reviled by the High Priest, the Roman governor, the people who called for His crucifixion, right down to the thief on the cross. 

With the constant disapproval from men, David naturally and wisely turned to God in prayer (V13-18). He would seek God and make his prayer to the One who would hear ‘in the greatness of Your lovingkindness.’ Sin may rule on earth, but grace reigns in heaven. Notice v16 and the repetition from v13 of ‘lovingkindness’ (chesed). God’s covenant, unending faithfulness, and compassion.  

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