Meditations on the Psalms #188

Psalm 95

This wonderful psalm is quoted and analysed in Paul’s sermon recorded in Hebrews3:7-4:13. The most thorough citing of an OT passage in the NT. This verse depicts the entire universe, joining with people of every nation in giving glory to God! The central message; ‘The Lord is a great King,’ who created and sustains us and is therefore worthy of our praise. Praise is more than words, it is an expression of faith and should be lived out in faithfulness and trust, especially when the going is tough. This is what the wilderness Israelites did not do. We need to learn from their mistakes and connect praise and obedience.

The psalmist first mentions honouring God with song and doing so in community (let US sing). Singing is not the only way to give honour and worship to God, but it is a chief and important way. The invocation to praise in vs1-2 gives a striking picture of the joyful tumult of the Temple worship. We should ask; is our congregational singing focused on the Lord Himself, or to the ear of the audience?

‘The Rock of our salvation,’ points to a genuine depth of both thought and experience. Worship should not be simply saying or listening to things about God. The thoughts of our mind should connect with our experience, or what we need to experience, combined with the conscious sense of His presence. Understanding the greatness of God helps us to properly worship Him. It is natural to have a sense of awe in the presence of someone our culture considers as great; it is even more natural and appropriate for us to deeply regard Yahweh as ‘the great God’ and ‘the great King above all gods.’ (vs3-5)

The Supreme Being n v3 has three names: EL, YAHWEH, ELOHIM. The first implies his strength; the second his being and essence; the third, his covenant relation to mankind.” One-way God’s greatness is illustrated is by His mastery over creation. From the lowest valley to the highest ‘hills’, from the ‘sea’ to the ‘dry land’, ‘God’s hands formed’ them. When the heart is full it brims over in some outward act of devotion.

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