Meditations on the Psalms #22

Day 22

Psalm 9 prt3: – I’m not done yet!

In Psalm 9 we are told that God will ‘minister true judgement (8) and that it is because ‘He forgets not the complaint of the poor’(12). He ‘defends the cause’ (case) of the widows(68:5). He will judge the people rightly (72:2) i.e. He will ‘defend the poor.’ When God ‘arises to judgement… He will help all the meek on the earth’(76:9) i.e. all the timid, helpless people whose wrongs have never been righted yet. This puts a new context on “if you have done it unto one of these the least my brethren, you have done it to me.”(Matt 25:40 KJV)  The ‘just’ judge, then is primarily he who rights a wrong in a civil case, the Divine Judge is the defender, the rescuer.

In the light of all this we need to consider the NT teaching of the High Priestly ministry of Christ as represented in books like Hebrews and Revelation. Even Paul is regularly appealing to OT sanctuary theology. E,g. Romans 8:31-35 is set in a courtroom. “If God be for us who can be against us…who shall bring any charge against you…it is God who justifies, who can condemn?… Christ is at Gods right hand who intercedes for us.” In this courtroom setting, and we can feel confident in His love because the accuser is silenced.

One of the beautiful truths of scripture, largely ignored today, concerns the high Priestly Ministry of Christ. In John 15:26 the Holy Spirit is the paracletos. In 1John 2:! Jesus is the paracletos (one on earth one in heaven – WOW) In John 2:1 the word is translated ‘advocate.’. The origan of this term is ‘a legal assistant.’ Jesus is our intercessor in the Father’s presence. In modern language the High Priest becomes our lawyer in the court room of heaven. If we have put our case in His hands, then we cannot lose. The ‘Just Judge’ has already passed judgement in our favour at the cross (Rom 8:1). In regards to being able to save ourselves; we are the weak and helpless who can only appeal to Jesus to plead our case.

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