Meditations on the Psalms #298

Psalm 130 Part 2 

The word rendered ‘forgiveness’ in v4 literally means cutting off, and so suggests the merciful surgery by which the cancerous tumour is taken out of the soul. He is ‘feared,’ not only because of his great judgement and harshness but also because of his great love in forgiving. The forgiven respond with godly fear and love. The law may break an icy heart, but it remains still ice, unchanged; but the fire of God’s lovingkindness(v7) kindly thaws, changes, and dissolves it into water – it is no longer ice, but another nature. (C.F.Rom.5:20) 

The repetition: My soul waits…my soul waits, (vs5&6) is an expectation. The poet then uses a vivid image to express his patient anticipation in waiting on God. We see a watchman in the darkness of the early morning, scanning the horizon for the first sign of the dawn. The watchman doesn’t doubt that morning will come, but only wonders when, and watches for it diligently. So, it was for the singer who watched for God and the help God promised to bring. I wait expectantly for the dawning of that last morning, which is to abolish sin forever, and put an end to sorrow!  

What the psalmist learned in waiting upon God and trusting Him from the depths is now put to use as he calls upon Israel to put their hope in Yahweh Adonai (The Lord God.) 

The musician put his ‘hope in the lord,’ not in the mercy or redemption God would bring. He looked to the giver, not the gift. How interesting! Should we look for water or should we seek the well? Should we seek the saviour or the salvation? We can more easily fix our eyes on Jesus than upon any doctrines that surround Him. Justification is the water; Jesus is the well – seek Him. 

He shall redeem Israel from all their iniquities: This is the confident conclusion to the psalm, demonstrating trust that God will indeed bring redemption and rescue to both the individual and the nation overwhelmed in the depths of their sin. What God has demonstrated in the private life, He will also perform for the community that cries out to Him.  

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