Meditations on the Psalms #337

Psalm 147 Part 2

What a contrast we find in vs 5-6. From the highest, ‘Great is our Lord, and mighty in power:’ with ‘infinite understanding’, to the lowest and most compassionate aspects of His majesty, ‘the LORD lifts up the humble’. This is much like the phrase repeated throughout in the Scriptures – God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble (as in Proverbs.3:34, James.4:6, 1 Peter.5:5). He reverses the evil order of things. The meek are down, and he lifts them up; the wicked are exalted, and he hurls them down to the dust. This is similar to the parable Jesus told of a rich man and a beggar. The former goes to hell and the latter to heaven. (Luke 16:19-31)

As we understand God’s majesty in both its heavenly and earthly expressions, it should create in us a natural response of praise. This is the intent of vs7-9. We bring our praise with song, with ‘thanksgiving’, and with music. Notice He is ‘our God; ours by His choice of us, and by our choice of Him; ‘our God’ by His eternal covenant, to whom we also pledge ourselves.

God’s power and loving care come together again in His work in nature. The Lord is sovereign over and concerned with all his creation, not only the magnificent stars but also the other aspects of creation, including lowly creatures on earth like the sparrows, Jesus said. However, God does not just ‘delight’ in the works of nature. What God takes pleasure in the most is the reverence and trust of His people. Those who find their ‘hope in His lovingkindness’ delight God, because they honour Him with their trust. It pleases God when we hope in His loyal, promise-keeping, lovingkindness. 
The exhortation to praise comes again, with another hallelujah.(v12ff) The more we understand and explain the power and care of God, the more we should praise Him. Our worship is not empty adoration; it is gratitude for specific goodness and the anticipation of future goodness. The essence of vs13&14 is He gives us security. He gives us a future. He gives us peace. He gives us provision. 

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