Meditations on the Psalms #344

Psalm 149 Part 3

God’s people (Israel) bear ‘a two-edged sword in their hand,’ demonstrating both the use of practical weapons and means and in a spiritual sense, reliance upon God’s word, which is described as a two-edged sword (Rev.19:15). This is even sharper than any two-edged sword (Heb.4:12). The word of God is also described as the sword of the Spirit (Eph.6:17).

The word of God is all edge; whichever way we turn it, it strikes deadly blows at falsehood and wickedness. If we do not praise, we shall grow weary in our conflict; and if we do not fight the good fight of faith (1Tim.6:12), we shall become presumptuous in our song. V6 indicates a happy blending of the choir and the acquired.

The power of praise and the word of God will ultimately see God’s work accomplished among the nations. As believers under the New Covenant, we don’t battle flesh and blood enemies (Eph.6:12-18), yet we have the responsibility to be not only worshippers but warriors in spiritual warfare that at times will be difficult and costly. In a spiritual sense, we are to execute vengeance on everything that would oppose Jesus Christ and the work of His kingdom in our lives. A time is coming when the Lord will assert His superiority over all earthly authorities. Compare v8 with 1Cor.15:24 and Philippians.2:8-11.

For the believer under the New Covenant, there is a written judgment against every spiritual enemy, and Jesus wrote it by His work on the cross (John16:11, Col 2:14). The closing verses tell us of our choice to be among those who praise God or among those who receive His vengeance against a planet in sin and rebellion. Joy and judgment are wedded. Praise and power go hand in hand. From the dawn of creation, there was music (Job38:7). In the beginning, God commanded light and there was light, but He does not need to command praise, because whenever created beings have stood face to face with their creator, they have burst into song! When we all get to heaven and see our Lord face-to-face there will be songs of final victory (Rev.19:6-7)! Home at last! 

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