Meditations on the Psalms #42

Day 42

Psalm 22 Part 2

In the heading is the phrase “The hind of the dawn.” (NKJV – it is a footnote translation in the NASB) This is a haunted deer. The dawn is where darkness gives way to light. It is a time of relief, both literally and figuratively. Compare this with verses 12 – 16 where we see Jesus hunted by the ‘bulls of Bashan’, ‘ravenous lions’ and ‘dogs.’ The bulls of Bashan apparently were the worst. During this assault, Jesus is utterly spent ‘poured out like water,’ His bones extruding from being stretched on a cross. ‘Melted like wax within me,’ shows how Jesus died of a broken heart, the weight of the world’s guilt & sin pressing upon Him. The ‘I thirst statement’ is evident from His “strength being dried up like a potsherd (piece of broken pottery) and His tongue cleaved to His jaw. A potsherd is baked in the fire until the last particle of moisture is driven out. This is a metaphor for the curse of God; the flames of avenging justice of God against sin poured out on Christ. Remember, this was the time of the Passover and Jesus was the Passover lamb. He was put on the cross at the time of the morning sacrifice and gave up His spirit at the time of the evening sacrifice. The Passover lamb was roasted in the fire – the symbol of God’s wrath. The full price of our redemption had been paid.

1400 years earlier the Passover had predicted the exact hour, day, and month of Jesus’ death (3pm on the 14th of Nissan). Dan 9:24-27 predicted the exact year. 31AD. With absolute precision, Gen 3:15 had come full circle. The serpent’s head had been bruised! Even ‘the piercing of his hands and feet’ had been predicted 1000years ahead of its time. This psalm was written 400 years before crucifixion was even invented by the Persians! These are but a handful of the 300 ancient prophecies that foretold the entire biography of Jesus before He was born.

The first Adam made us naked, the second Adam became naked that He may clothe our naked souls. Stand in awe!

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