Meditations on the Psalms #60

Day 60

Psalm 31 part 3

The previous section of this Psalm ended with calm trust and gratitude to God. Here (v9-13) David once again took up the lament, showing that both rest and adversity come to God’s people in seasons. Yet in his trouble, David looks again to the LORD.

David described his pitiful condition in terms that seem to be taken from the Book of Job. His affliction was: Physical, emotional, social, mortal and spiritual.

In the midst of all his trouble, David declares his trust in God.(v14-18)

However great David’s troubles were, his ‘trust’ in God was even greater. He took careful inventory of his crisis, but would not dwell on it. He understood that Yahweh was his God (v14) and therefore greater than all his trouble.

David could say, ‘my times are in Your hand,’ because He understood that God was in control and ruled from heaven. He also said that in faith he had committed all things into God’s hand. In this Psalm, we see an illusion to the seasons of Christian experience: The autumn winds, gathering clouds and breathe of death v1-8. The winter chill; lifeless and full of sobs and sighing v9-13. The spring with its hope and expectation and its sweeping rains and golden sun gleams v14-18, Then, at last, the bright & golden summer v19-24.

In v16, David borrowed from the priestly blessing described in Numbers 6:23-27, asking for the goodness and the favour of God to be showered upon him.

The same David who had been absorbed in his own trouble in v9-13 is the same David who praised God so completely at the end of the song with a multitude of fellow believers. This is because David had a deep trust in God and that trust was rewarded with joy.

A soul that truly loves God does not lack any reason for loving Him. Yet, God gives us many reasons to love Him: The excellence of His character, forgiveness, lovingkindness, strength in trials, deliverance, daily provision, eternal life.

God’s people have a reason for good courage, because God does strengthen the trusting, hoping heart. We are pilgrims through this wilderness of sin.

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