Meditations on the Psalms #75

Day 75

Psalm 36 part 3 

The psalmist’s conception of religion is essentially joyful. No doubt there are sources of sadness peculiar to a religious person, because we are necessarily shut out from much of the effervescent poison of earthly joys drugged with sin, but the sources of joy opened are far deeper than those that are closed. 

‘With You is the fountain(abundance) of life; in Your light, we see light:’ v9. The satisfaction and pleasures found in God are connected to life and light. They heal and build, giving life; they are full of the light of truth and goodness. 

The word light is elegantly repeated in another sense; in the former clause it is light discovering, in this, light discovered and enjoyed. We enjoy here in this world a very dim twilight; the Father’s house above is full of light. C.f. this to what John wrote at the opening of his gospel (John 1:9.) It is hard to doubt that he was thinking of Psalm 36:9. 

Having received the mercy(NKJV) and righteousness of God, David rightly prays that it would continue for himself and all those who know & love God. The word ‘continue’ in v10 means ‘draw forth’ or draw out thy lovingkindness; this is a metaphor taken from vessels of wine set before guests and yield not just one cup but continuous and copious cups. Consider when at the feast of Cana, Jesus turned the water into wine – not just any wine – but the best. The guests were perpetually gratified. This is the metaphor of continued lovingkindness. It never ends! We should also learn from this verse that although continued lovingkindness is guaranteed in the covenant, we are yet to make it a matter of prayer and thankfulness. As God expects the best from us, so he gives the best to us. 

From the serene shelter under His wings, the prayerful poet looks out on the rout of baffled foes and sees the end which gives the lie to the oracle of transgression and its flatteries. ‘They are struck down,’ the same word as previously in the picture of the pursuing angel of the Lord in Ps36. 

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