Minute Meditations of Hope and Encouragement #143

From the midday midnight of Golgotha it is apparent that psalm 22 was central in the thinking of Jesus. David was fit and well when he wrote it. The title “The hind if the dawn” portrays a hunted dear at the time when darkness is giving way to light. There are 3 dimensions to the psalm. The first: spiritual -unanswered prayer containing the sobs and the suffering. See Jesus’ complete loneliness. His mother was taken away, disciples mostly gone, the angels were gone and now the father was gone too. For 6 hours his prayer life went dead. But notice he continued to pray in the darkness. Notice also that he used scripture to pray. Particularly this psalm and psalm 31.

Secondly, in verses6-13 we see the mental pressure and confusion both from men and from God. And then from v14ff we see the reality of his incarnation in the physical suffering and anguish. He was in both physical and spiritual darkness. Vs 1-2 my loneliness is contrasted v3-4 with your loyalty (spiritual) v5-8 my humiliation vs 9-11 your help (mental) v12-18 my pain vs 19-21 your power (physical). Notice in v1-21 the me and you sections get longer and longer. David wrote this psalm for Jesus 1000yrs ahead of time for Jesus to use in his must trying hour. He also wrote it for you because God knew you would need it.

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