Minute Meditations of Hope and Encouragement #48

Multitudes have memorized this Psalm. It has been the words for those in personal trials and is often the last words uttered in this life.
This Psalm could be called the HE/ME Psalm. Take a moment to notice the contrast. Highlight words regarding God: ‘The Lord’ “He’ & ‘you’ and in a different colour David’s personal pronoun “me’ ‘my’ & ‘I.’ From this exercise, you will see that the relationship of this psalm is intensely individual. There is a flock, but for now, it is just the Lord & I. Significantly, it is at the dangerous moment pictured in (v4) that the “He” of v1-3 changes to “You.” The LORD as Shepherd is now in the first person.

This poem can be divided into 3 stanzas i)v1-2 is the Sheep and the Shepherd ii)is the guide and the traveller-1st person. iii)is the host and the guest. These, in turn, offer i) Provision; the Shepherd/Christ ii) Direction given to the traveller by the Holy Spirit iii) Communion provided by our Father, the Host. Picture as you read the 3 members of the God-head guiding and encouraging you to your eternal home.

V1 gives the absolute trust of the ‘sheep.’ Christ being what He is to us, we will not be wanting in: rest(2a), refreshment(2b), Repentance(3a), Guidance(3b), companionship (4), comfort(4), sustenance(5a), Joy(5b), or any good thing(6). My cup runs over – in this life & forever. Ask yourself; if God filled your cup according to the measure of your faith how much would you have in your cup?

How significant then that the ‘chesed’ word is in the next line. The host’s care brings the ‘goodness and lovingkindness’ of God, and we live in the faithful expectation of it continuing ‘all the days of our lives.’ Remember, this is the covenant word. Together with ‘goodness’ it suggests the steady kindness and support that one can count on in a good family or between firm friends. We are well escorted, with a Shepherd in front and these twin angels behind!

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