Minute Meditations of Hope and Encouragement #51

The provision made for us at Calvary is very personal as is Psalm 23. As I reflect, I am reminded that with me was emptiness, nakedness, and blindness, but with Him is riches and abundance. My poverty once made Him poor as He struggled to Calvary beneath the burden of my sin and condemnation. But now His riches make me rich, never again shall I want. I was often weary so He made me down to lie, that I might see that He is always strong. Once my weariness made Him weary, as He crumbled in in Gethsemane only sustained to fall beneath the weight of the cross that I should have carried.

I knew only the rough and noisy places, but he leads me to the places soft and quiet beside the still waters. Once He came into the hellishness of life – into the rough and noise and they cried “Crucify Him!” and the noisy crowd thronged as they watched Him toil up the road to Calvary’s vile hill. Once He came into the rough and noise for me, and now I dwell in the pastures of tender grass and beside the waters of quietness with Him. I was hungry and thirsty in a desert place, but He is all the fullness of God.

As we travel still there are just 2 of us, although the road is black with pilgrims and I am not robbing anyone else of His company by having Him all to myself. The way we go seems shadowed and in the future; the track lies over bleak mountains of trials and through fearsome ravines of discouragement. Assailants are to be met with at every turn of the way. Yet on I go, never losing the track, while I allow Him to Guide; not alone for He is my comfort. The gloomy ravine cannot break my courage, for all the way through I am conscious of His saving grace, which is like a warm breath upon my face, or as the strong grasp on my arm.

He knows the way because once He trod it all alone, tempted in all points as I am that He might make a bridled path for me. Then nights are sometimes terrible with noises, but I look at His rod and I am reassured. The tortuous way is wearisome to the feet, but when I am nigh unto fainting it is His staff that comforts me. So I go, over the hills, down the deep gorges of discouragement, along the rocky ledges of trial, and through the swollen streams, beguiled all the way by the song and smile of my good guide.

At last, the journey is ended, and the shining mansion has been reached, and still, there are only 2 of us; though the house is full of friends. I am the guest & He is the Host, His two friends, Goodness and Lovingkindness (chesed) attending to my every need. I see the lavish table set before me, the glorious destiny of eternity. Keep going pilgrim.

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