Minute Meditations of Hope and Encouragement #60

Fear that soars is faith. Faith that sinks is fear. In asking for a ‘smooth path’ (v11) David wasn’t asking for an easy life, but for a stable and secure place to stand against the enemies and storms of this life.

David’s seeking after God, and his knowledge of the Lord, led him to this triumphant statement. He would have given up (lost heart), but he knew that the good God would find a way to show His goodness in this life (as well as the next). (v13)

When he wrote about ‘the land of the living.’ One can fairly say that this is the land of the dying, in which there are more dead than living, more underground than above it; where the earth is fuller of graves than houses; where life lies trembling under the hand of death; and where death has power to tyrannise over life! This world is an orbiting cemetery! There is however, the land of the living where there are none but the living; where there is a church, not militant, but triumphant; a tabernacle indeed, but no cemetery, because there are none dead, nor none that can die; where life is not passive, nor death active; where life sits crowned, and where death is swallowed up in victory!

V14 ‘Wait on the LORD; be of good courage’: Here King David spoke to you and to me, to his readers. From the reservoir of his experience he can encourage us to seek after God (wait on the LORD) and to take courage in Him (be of good courage). Wait at his door with prayer; wait at his foot with humility; wait at his table with service; wait at his window with expectancy and He shall strengthen your heart: This profound promise is for us. Across the centuries David spoke to us, telling us to be confident that there is strength in the LORD for those who seek Him and trust Him. The use by date on these promises has not yet expired.

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