My Favourite Stories #95

Cockroaches in my life.

I don’t know anybody who likes cockroaches! If you have ever lived in Queensland, you would know they are bigger up there! I like to tell my friends you could almost saddle and ride one! An exaggeration of course! I think all Australians know it is almost impossible to get rid of cockroaches. Surface spray just alerts you to the fact that they are around. They work their way through tiny places, they walk under the door, or come up through drains in the toilet, laundry or bathroom. They breed in the most unlikely places, including the back of appliances. They forage on any food left around. The more food they find the more roaches there are, and their presence is generally considered a sign of sloppy housekeeping.

But even the cleanest houses have roaches, because some species do not feed on the food human beings eat. Some prefer to live in warmth and darkness feeding on glue and insulation. They don’t come out at night, and they don’t need water.

A newly hatched roach can live for about a week without food, and an adult can last for months with no food as long as water is available. Obviously, the cockroach is a very persistent pest. Even though the most fastidious housekeeper in the warmer parts of the world will have roaches, it is still upsetting to come home after dark, switch on the light and be greeted by several roaches scurrying into the nearest hideouts like Meerkats. Things could be worse, however. These home dwelling pests do not carry any disease, and we can rejoice that we are not plagued with the 10cm cockroach that is found in several tropical countries.

Naturally it is embarrassing to have a guest see the roaches when we turn on the lights. Jesus, however, sees the darkest corners of our character all the time. He is the light! He knows about the things that we like to keep hidden, or the things we struggle with. But He does not wish to condemn us, instead, he wants to work with us in exterminating unwanted traits and sins. I had a great extermination program at the outset of my conversion, aged 19, when the Holy Spirit dealt with my drinking, and smoking, and my profanity, and immorality. The work hasn’t stopped in the last 50+ years, just not as severe maybe.

Here is some wonderful news. In John 15-16 Jesus said we will have the Holy Spirit to be “along” our side as we journey through this world. THe Greek word He usd for the Holy Spirit is Paracletos. 1 John 2: 1-3 says that if we confess our sins we will be forgiven, and Jesus is our Lawyer (advocate) in the court room of heaven. THe same word, paracletos, is here used for Jesus as our ‘advocate.’ So, think about this. God Loves you, the Holy Spirit comforts and guides you, and Jesus represents you in Heaven. Did you get it? ALL HEAVEN IS ON YOUR SIDE wishing you home, encouraging you to persevere, telling you to keep on keeping on; “YOU CAN MAKE IT!” is Their encouraging words!

One day, all heaven, including the God-head, millions and millions of angels and the pricipalities and powers in the heavenly realms, will welcome you home. See you there!

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