Reflections on Revelation #190

Reflections on Revelation Day 190 The centre of the book both physically and spiritually.  

Day 190 

Revelation 12:10-12 is the centre of the book of Revelation both physically and spiritually. It is the apex of the chiasm of the entire book, and therefore the most significant statement on the book’s narrative but is also the centre of a smaller chiasm that begins in Rev 11:19, where John had been given that virtual tour of the Most Holy Place. I don’t know how to display this on an SMS but will have a go: 

A = Rev 11:19 a 

  B = Rev 11:19 b 

    C = Rev 12: 1-3 

      D =  Rev 12:4 & 5 

        E = Rev 12 :6a 

          F – Rev 12:6b 

            G = Rev 12:7 

              H = Rev 12:8 

                I =  Rev 12:9a 

                  J = Rev 12:9b 

                    K = Rev 12:10a 

      L =  Rev 12: 10b 

      M = Rev 12:10c 

      L = Rev 12: 11a 

     M = Rev 12:11b 

                   K = Rev 12:12a 

                J = Rev 12:12b 

              I = Rev 12:13a 

            H = Rev 12: 13b 

          G = Rev 12:14a 

         F = Rev 12:14b 

       E = Rev 12:15 & 16 

     D = Rev 12:17a 

   C = Rev 12:17b 

  B = Rev 12: 17c 

A = Rev 12: 17d 

Each letter represents rhyming thoughts with L & M the apex and central thought. Note how John sees the Ark of the Covenant at ‘A’ and at the opposite ‘A’ sees those who represent what was in the Ark. Write the letters in the margin of your Bible and see how each letter represents a rhyming thought. This is how the entire book works – how amazing! I am sure an old fisherman on the Island of Patmos did not invent this beautifully structured Narrative poem. More chiasms to come. 

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