Reflections on Revelation #248

Day 248

The “everlasting Gospel” was made possible at Calvary when from the darkness comes the greatest declaration of victory, “It is finished!” The cross was His biography. The wood was the table upon which it was written, His flesh was the parchment, and the nails were the pen dipped in His blood. But it was our biography too. His brow was pierced for the wrong things we have thought, His hands were spiked because of the wrong things we have done, His feet were rigid to the tree because of the wrong places we have been. His back was raw because of the wrong burdens we have born. His side was opened near His heart, because we have loved foolishly with our hearts. His lips were cupped to the cry of woe for the wrong things we have uttered.  He was suffering a human death because of the wrong thing that we are.

Of the first tree, satan said, “Take and eat,” and thus man was lost. Of the second tree, Jesus says, “Take and eat” and by partaking we are saved. God planted the first tree, man the second. With the second tree, the knowledge of good and evil is complete. 
”Thorns shall the earth bring forth,” He was carrying the curse of Eden upon His brow because He was “made a curse for us”(Galatians 3:13.) He was naked because of Adam’s nakedness. Eve was told, “In sorrow shall you conceive,” He was the man of sorrows. “From the sweat of your brow,” it was declared to Adam. Jesus sweat “great drops of blood,” in Gethsemane. The flaming sword that the angel held marking the divide between Eden and a cursed world was thrust into His side. He had been born amongst sacrificial animals. Now He was the sacrifice and substitute. Today it is finished! It is offered to you as a gift! Your passage into eternity is assured if your faith is in Christ.  

“It is finished.” Finalised by words of committal. The earth shook, the temple was split, the curtain was torn, and the graves were opened.
But why is this my favourite word? This word carries an ocean of significance. It is finished – ‘Tetelestai’, (paid in full!) Here is a library in a word. A word that consolidated heaven and the watching universe. It shook the realms of satan and gave hope to the earth. It delighted the father, glorified the son, brought down the Spirit, and confirmed the everlasting covenant. The word can also be applied to debts that have been paid in full. How amazing that Jesus uttered this word moments before He died – your debt is paid! You don’t need to be on a treadmill of works wondering if you are doing OK. It is finished! You can now live your spiritual life with spiritual joy. It means that our efforts can be less anxious because we are not working towards a goal, the goal is achieved and the outcome assured, because “we are accepted in the beloved,” before we begin. We just need to come as we are. We lived with Him, we died with Him, we were buried with Him and we rose to a new life in Him. We are seated with Him in heavenly places because He is our advocate

The echo would be heard twice more in scripture when the Lord had finished His heavenly intercession, “It is done.”(Rev 16:17) and when there is a new heaven and new earth made (Rev 21:6). God has had His day in court, and it is finished! The universe of created beings, including ourselves, will be able to proclaim “Great and wonderful are thy deeds, O Lord God Almighty! Just and true are your ways, O King of the ages! … for thy Judgements have been revealed.” (Rev 15:3-4) Peace and harmony will now reign throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity, because “tetelestai”. IT IS FINISHED!
Revelation 14:6 declares that this everlasting gospel (good news) will go to every nation, kindred, tongue(Language groups,) and people. When this is done Jesus said, “the end will come.” (Matt 24:14.) 

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