Reflections on Revelation #59

Day 59

“. . . You have a name that you are alive, yet you are dead. be continually watchful and begin to strengthen the things which remain, which are about to die. for I have not found your works complete before my God.” Rev 3:1-2.

Do you sometimes feel that something is wrong with your Christian walk? Devotions are not connecting, prayer is ritual, spiritual joy has waned – just going through the motions. I remember one of my lecturers many years ago saying, “If you are not having a struggle you are probably not having a Christian experience.”

We call it spiritual burnout. Jesus called it “having a name that you are alive yet you are dead.” Sometimes burnout is a sign that we are over-committed. Other times it is a sign that we have allowed people to move us away from our divine purpose. We are busy, but the things that really matter aren’t getting done.

Sardis had a great name, it had “star status” and yet Jesus thought it was dead. What happened to Sardis is a threat to every church and to every Christian. Many are the Christians whose hearts are in the right place but they have no delight in the faith and find it difficult to serve God. What do you do when you sense that the things of Christ are not as exciting to you as they once were? I have found the following to be helpful.

1) A willingness to change. If you don’t feel willing to change, let God know that you are willing to be made willing (John 7:17). Many times I feel spiritually divided: 30% of me wants to serve God with all my heart and 70% of me is tired and doesn’t feel like it right now. If you put what you have on the altar, He can grow your commitment into a firm decision.

2) Make a radical firm decision. Jesus used the strong word, “Repent!” You may have to take decisive action.

3) Go back to the place where you last saw the light. Keep a journal and write down the high points of your spiritual life. When things are not going so well you can go back to the journal and be encouraged. The best devotional book you’ll ever read is the one you write yourself.

4) Develop a sense of eschatological accountability. Jesus is returning and will ask all of us to give an account of our lives. When we realize the value of every thought and action in the light of eternity, we will be motivated to move with decisive action.

Pray for the rekindling of the spirit.

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  • Henny Vanderpol
    Posted at 09:30h, 02 March Reply

    Thank you Ross for these points. It is good to reflect. I would like add that sometimes we need a time of rest. When I am overdoing things I need time to rest and reflect. Asking God to show me what I need to change. Resting body and spirit. At one time I did so much serving that I ran on empty and became very ill. God protects even when we are sick. He healed me from an enlarged heart but not from the chest infection. NI needed to recover!

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