This is a trickle feed Revelation seminar. Here are some suggestions for using this resource.

You are free to alter or simplify any of the texts. Make it your own. There is no copyright on this, because I have used sources that I can no longer identify. You may like to include a version of day 1 postscript with your own additions and modifications.

This series is going to take about 300 days to run ( At the time of preparing this  01 intro I was up to day 149 on the 7 trumpets.”)

The support material is currently up on slide share e.g.  “Ross Chadwick The sanctuary in Revelation.” Go To www.slideshare and search for my name. I could also give you access to my drop box files on this – mainly PPTs from seminars I have run. When you access my drop box you will also see the support material

Pray before you begin, pray every morning, pray now for names and phone numbers to come in. God bless you.

This was not my idea, I believe it was caused by the Holy Spirit prompting a colleague whom I had been sending texts of encouragement, because of hard times she was enduring. She asked me to do something on Revelation because she was afraid of the book, did not understand it and found it thoroughly confusing. She has since said some amazing things about this series. E.g. on one occasion she wrote …” it has been a blessing to me in so many ways. This book has always mystified, scared and amazed me. I love it more than ever now. You’re a blessing!…”

To think that I originally refused her request to do something on Revelation because it would be ‘too hard.’ The Holy Spirit convicted me of a missed opportunity and thus you now have this resource, free of charge prompted by the Holy Spirit.

At every step I have sought to uplift Christ who is its author and of whom the book says: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” That is exactly what this book is about. Enjoy the journey.


day 1

The book of Revelation begins in the Gospels. Matt, Mark & Luke recorded Jesus “Olivet discourse,” which was His comprehensive sermon on the end of the world & the second coming. (Matt24, Luke 21 & Mark 13.) These serve like a table of contents to the book of Revelation . John did not record this sermon, because divine inspiration knew that he was to receive an expanded version. As we begin we should note the writings of John, which include : his Gospel, 3 letters and the Apocalypse (or unveiling / revealing ). If the book says it is the Revelation of Jesus Christ then we would expect it to show us an insight into its author (Jesus ) as revealed to John. This is exactly what we will get over the next few months. – an amazing picture of Jesus – who He is, how He cares for us and His church, what He is doing now and what he will do in the future.
If all of John”s writings were in one book this is what we would get: His Gospel is about the man who was God, His letters are about the God who became man & the book of Rev talks about the ultimate victory through the God-man. The letters give us His humanity (Jesus), the gospels his divinity (Christ ), the Revelation gives us the heavenly High Priest who cares for us as individuals and the church as His body on earth. John uses the term “paracletos” to refer to both the Holy Spirit (John 15:26) & Jesus (1John 2:1). Thus we have both “advocating & comforting us.” One on earth and one in heaven! How fitting that Revelation then pictures Jesus dressed as the High Priest (intercessor/ advocate) wandering amidst the churches of the ages on earth. Do you get the idea that the whole Trinity & all the Angels of Heaven are on your side?

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