Pauls Footsteps #390

Footsteps #390. It was now about late August AD 61 and the time was rapidly drawing on in which ancient navigation was closed for the year. Paul’s group had been late in setting out, but the entire voyage became a succession of delays and accidents which after 2 months of storm and danger, culminated in a hopeless Shipwreck. This was Paul’s third experience with shipwrecks. Once he had floated for a night and a day. 

On this occasion, a storm burst on them soon after they rounded Cape Matala and for several days they fought the elements of wind, rain, and sea. Amid this desperate crisis, one man retained his calm and courage. God revealed to Paul that all would be well if everyone listened to the instructions.  

After 14 days of drifting and being tossed by the storm, they heard the sound of breakers through the midnight darkness. They were now at Point Koura on the NE side of Malta. The ship was abandoned and for three months they lived in a village on the Island. Amid all this, Paul had won the friendship and admiration of his escort commander Julius. The poisonous snake incident had also impressed the locals. 

In February they managed to board another Alexandrian ship called the “Castor and Pollux” (28:11) and they sailed towards Rome. Why did Luke name the ship? (Other translations have “the twin brothers,” with Castor and Pollux in the notes. Castor and Pollux are figures from Greek and Roman mythology considered the twin sons of Zeus or Jupiter. Semi-divine figures, they were credited with the role of saving those in trouble at sea or in grave danger in war and were particularly associated with horses and sports. This is Luke’s irony because they had already been saved by the one true God – their pagan gods were useless.  

Stories in the Bible are not just superficial entertainment, they often carry great significance.  In fact, every story included in the Biblical record has a purpose. In each story of prophet, priest, or king, under every rock and in every corner of scripture we find the gospel and the story of Jesus in some way illustrated. 

The stories of Daniel serve as keys to unlocking the prophecies. Jesus’ miracles illustrated his sermons e.g. He heals a blind man then declares that he is the light of the world. He feeds the multitudes and then declares Himself to be the bread of life. He raises a dead man and follows it with a sermon on how He is the resurrection and the life. 

Another Question; Why did Luke document this last voyage in so much detail? 

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